Arctic Winter Games trials

Dec. 06, 2022

last updated December 10, 2:44am


ARCTIC WINTER GAMES teams and alternates


U20 female schedule

U19 male schedule

U16 male schedule


LIVE STREAM provided for Shorty Brown rink



• Any questions or concerns on your travel, contact Lexie at Sport North (
• Any changes to tomorrow's charter need to be communicated by 3pm, December 6, 2022


• Complete this form and bring it to the arena on Thursday (player_med_info_e.pdf)

Accommodations will be available at the Hockey NWT offices/facility located at 327C Old Airport Road. This space is a spot to lay your head but the facility is being shared with Archery for their trials and will not be available between (subject to change).

10am-4pm Thursday
10am-5pm Friday
10am-4pm Saturday

For comfort, participants are encouraged to stay with friends, family or a hotel - if that is an option. Transportation is not provided between the rink and the facility. Hockey has over 100 athletes coming to town and we cannot provide this service. There are no showers at our facility - participants and chaperones must use showers at the arena or field house. All meals are a personal expense.


If your position is wrong please don't panic - let us know on Thursday when you check in. After the first session the participants will be divided into 3 tiers:

  • Prospects will play contact games and will be the group where the AWG team is selected from
  • Futures will play shorter non-contact games
  • Development stream will be used only if required and will be practices to help athletes master the fundamentals

It is possible to move between groups based on performance. Any information on the tiered groupings will be posted on Hockey NWT's website.

  • Schedule is subject to change - changes will be communicated on our social media and website.
  • There is lots of down time between sessions and participants are encouraged to leave the arena between their ice times
  • A skate sharpener will be on site

Reminder you have all signed a Code of Conduct as part of your registration for Trials - any violations could impact your ability to be selected to Team NT. Please clean up after yourself at the arena and in the change rooms. We are guests in the facility and the arena staff will be working hard to maintain the ice for our trials.

  • Hockey gear - those without a neck guard will not be allowed on the ice & double check the expiry date on your helmet
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, shower supplies (towel, toiletries, etc.), personal items, etc.
  • Spending money
  • Participants are encouraged to bring study or reading material
  • There is a bug going around, so if you or your child is sick or unwell please do not come to trials
  • Trials can be a stressful experience, here are some mental health resources and please provide use with information if you have any questions or concerns
  • If you would like to be featured over the weekend on HNWT social media please contact Thor directly at
  • We will live stream action from the Shorty Brown arena on our facebook page
  • If time allows we may add a photo shoot for anyone wanting an on-ice photo - more details to follow #weareallteamnt
Those not registered with a Minor Hockey Association or Recreation program must register with Hockey NWT for insurance coverage. Please return this form (Registration Form). There is also a $50 fee. I can work with the recreation departments but need the attached