Let the Games begin

Mar. 12, 2024

As the excitement builds for the upcoming 2024 Arctic Winter Games, Team NT Hockey is ready to make their mark with 60 participants competing and coaching across various categories. With the U19 female team, U18 male team, and U16 male team poised to give their best, the coaches have been instrumental in guiding and preparing the athletes for the prestigious event.

We caught up with the coaches to gain insights into their journey to the games and their expectations for the Arctic Winter Games:

U18 Male Coach, Devin Dase (he/him):
- Preparation for the Arctic Winter Games: "Our athletes have been preparing all year on their respective teams with the goal to represent our territory at AWGs."
- Expectations for the Arctic Winter Games and the team: "Expectation is to compete, play hard, and win."
- One piece of advice for athletes: "To control what you can control, the rest will take care of itself."
- What he is looking forward to: "Watching our young athletes compete and enjoying the process of how to continuously improve."

U19 Female Coach, Ryan Nichols (he/him):
- Preparation for the Arctic Winter Games: "Preparation for the games went very well, with a record number of female athletes showing up for try-outs and increasing competitiveness each year."
- Expectations for the Arctic Winter Games and the team: "To enjoy the whole experience, make memories with teammates, compete hard each shift, and play tough in both zones."
- One piece of advice for athletes: "If we outwork the other team, good things will happen. Celebrate the little plays and maintain positivity on the bench."
- What he is looking forward to: "Watching other Nat athletes compete and being amazed by the skills displayed in the Dene Games."

U15 Male Coach, Jeff Bowden (he/him)
- Preparation for the Arctic Winter Games: Preparation is key! We had a mini-camp in Hay River that was attended by most of our team. This is like an AWG simulator- we stayed on cots, ate meals together, and competed hard all weekend. It was a great bonding experience!
- Expectations for the Arctic Winter Games and the team: I think the key for a short-term tournament like this is to not get too high and not get too low. Our expectations are that we’re going to compete to the best of our abilities, leave it all on the ice, and make some great memories while we do it. The rest is just a bonus.
- One piece of advice for athletes: We often tell them to just be the best version of themselves. Sometimes we forget that they are just kids, and need to remind them to just keep doing what got them here.
- What he is looking forward to: I’m most looking forward to just spending some time making memories. This will be my fifth time representing Team NT, and while I don’t remember the score of each and every game I’ve played or coached, I’ll always remember the funny stories and memories from each of the Games I attended. That’s what it’s all about. How does Beverly have a Sport North Team NT set? No rush getting back to me …

As Team NT Hockey gears up for the 2024 Arctic Winter Games, the focus is on giving their best, making a difference in their lives and communities, and becoming role models for others. With a strong sense of pride and determination, the athletes are ready to showcase their skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork on the ice.

GO Team NT GO! Let's cheer on our athletes as they embark on this exciting journey at the Arctic Winter Games.

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