Aug. 29, 2023

From Oct. 7-8, 2023, the International Ice Hockey Federation will lead the way on the 12th annual World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend, with dozens of federations around the world taking part.

Since 2011, the IIHF has united countries around the globe for World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend. Over the years, thousands of people have taken part and the celebration continues to grow - CLICK HERE to see events that have been hosted around the world!

The goal of World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is to have events from coast to coast to coast that recruit, retain and engage players, coaches, officials and fans - old and new. It aims to celebrate and grow the game while uniting Canadians through grassroots programming led by girls hockey associations, minor hockey associations and communities.

From Aug. 25-Sept. 18, Local Hockey Associations can apply to host their event through their Provincial/Territorial Member. Hockey Canada and its Members will supply funding reimbursements, gifting, and additional support or resources to approved events on a first come, first approved basis.

Local Hockey Associations are urged to host their World Girls Ice Hockey event at a time that suits their community and Association throughout the month of October.

More than 23,000 Canadians celebrated World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend in 2019 at over 225 events across the nation. From games and skills sessions to classroom activities and road hockey, people of all ages contributed to the growth of women’s hockey in their own unique way!